Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2 Minnesota Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Harassment Step Down

RNC raises $113 million so far this year, while the DNC can’t get out of debt

The effect Mark Halperin had on our politics.

Democrats wrestle with alleged misconduct in their own house

So Rep. Barton was engaging in a consensual adult relationship, and the person he did that with shared his nude photo without his consent—am I crazy or isn't that revenge porn?

Liberty and the American Experience (with Jim Powell)

We need to talk about Creepy Uncle Joe.

Girl Scouts of America: Don't force your kids to hug relatives over Thanksgiving & Christmas because it could lead to sexual harassment or rape. I'm not kidding. Did I tell you we're toast?

In wake of the allegations, Rose was asked on video if there's anything he'd like to say to the accusers of his wrongdoings. His response: "It's not wrongdoings"

The Last Jedi is tracking for a $200M+ domestic debut, a feat only a few movies have ever accomplished

New accuser claims Charlie Rose forced her to watch sexually explicit scene from film

400 professors boycott University of Rochester, urging students not to attend

WaPo reporter working directly with Democrats rather than covertly

Hot Air

France wants UNSC meeting on Libya

Sen. Tom Carper: Gary Cohn, Trump's top economic adviser, faked bad connection to end call with boss

'60 Minutes' producer complained of sexual harassment, retaliation, ethics violations at CBS

‘Weinstein Effect’ Impacting Companies’ Holiday Party Plans

CBS Chicago

Jew-hating, terror-supporting Stanford Dean, Snehal Naik working with SJP to suppress Robert Spencer's Stanford speech

The Christiana Resistance: The First Shots of the Civil War

Detroit Free Press editorial calls on Conyers to resign

Larry Nassar, Michigan doctor treating Olympic gymnastics team, pleads guilty to sex charges

Hatch: “I’m planning on running again because I still have the chairmanship of the Finance Committee and they’ll never be another Utahn that’s chairman of the committee, at least not for 40 or 50 years.”

Before Franken and Moore, there was Sen. Bob Packwood — a serial sexual harasser, reelected anyway

The Times Is “Torn” About Whether Glenn Thrush Should Lose His Job

Watch: Breitbart's Pollak Forces CNN's Chris Cuomo to Admit He Used Media Matters' False Talking Points

The Real William Graham Sumner | by Jeff Riggenbach

So many other industries have automated scheduling. Why doesn't healthcare?

Bill Kristol Gets in Touch With HIs Sensitive Side...

It's perfectly normal for joggers in a developed western country to be accompanied by armed police for their safety. Stop being a bigot.

2nd, Harry Reid writes a letter to Comey on August 27, 2016, mentioning a "Trump Advisor" having "met with high ranking sanctioned individuals in Moscow in July 2016". A reference to Page which is almost verbatim taken from the dossier (note the "sanctioned individual")

Dem Senator on Bill Clinton Sexual Misconduct: ‘Let’s Move Forward’

Liberal Hysteria: Donald Trump keeps re-drawing lines of acceptable presidential behavior. And then erasing them.

Donna Brazile: 2016 "was not a legitimate election"

Donald Trump calls LaVar Ball an 'ungrateful fool'

Willie Geist: GOP Will Be Labeled ‘Party Of The Pedophile’ If Moore Wins [VIDEO]

No word yet on this story from director Bryan Singer.

London police investigating second Kevin Spacey claim

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Accused of Raping Fellow Pop Star

Liberal tolerance in action again..

Leftist Claims We Can Understand Trump If We Understand Wrestler Ric Flair

Me Too : Male Feminist Charlie Rose Defined By His Friends

Male feminist Charlie Rose: a career in pictures. Sociologists claim people who have something in common are often close friends. Who's the master and who's the apprentice?

FCC Chair Fights Obama-Era Internet Policies

SurveyUSA Minnesota poll: Only 22% believe that Franken should remain in office while 33% say he should resign. Another 36% want to wait for the ethics investigation. Franken job approval plummets to 36%.

Rising civilizations accumulate capital, falling civilizations consume capital.

Ajit Pai: ‘We Are Returning to the Original Classification of the Internet’

Democrat Congressman Barnie Frank Ran a Gay Prostitution Ring in His Apartment

Catholic School forced to cover up brand new statue after 'unfortunate design' goes viral

Pres. Trump tweets, calling LaVar Ball an 'ungrateful fool'

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To view yesterday's posts or earlier posts, click on Older Posts below this entry, right below the line on the right hand side.
To view yesterday's posts or earlier posts, click on Older Posts below this entry, right below the line on the right hand side.