Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hillary: Bought and Paid For By .....

2016 SAT test results confirm pattern that’s persisted for 45 years — high school boys are better at math than girls


Louisiana attorney general: Crime is up in 'sanctuary cities'

The Washington Examiner

America's political dynasties: From Adams to Clinton

Testy White House Exchange over Obama and Hillary's Differences over TPP

Moody's drops Chicago schools' credit rating deeper into junk; CPS enrollment takes another dip

Father of 'clock boy' Ahmed Mohamed sues Glenn Beck, FOX, TheBlaze

The Dallas Morning News

The First Presidential Debate in 3 Minutes

Hillary Clinton Is Outraising Trump 20-to-1 Among Billionaires


Comey Explains Mills' Immnuity, Why She Was Able to Sit in on Clinton's Interview

Democratic state representative has absolutely no idea how many U.S. presidents there have been

Britain’s youngest rapist: 11yo pleads guilty to 15 sex attacks, 3 assaults

RT reports:
A boy aged 11 has pleaded guilty to a charge of rape against another child, aged nine. He is thought to be the youngest person charged with the offense in UK history.

The boy was allegedly discovered sexually attacking the nine-year-old after the victim’s mother heard strange noises over a baby monitor.
A sick, sick world.

Chicago Public School enrollment takes another dip .

The Chicago Tribune reports:
About 300 public schools in Chicago will lose a total of $45 million in funding because enrollment this fall fell below projections, adding to the pain of budget cuts already imposed by the cash-strapped district.

The district said 378,481 students were enrolled on the 10th day of classes this year. That's almost 14,000 less than last year and continues a trend of enrollment falling below 400,000, which occurred two years ago for the first time in at least two decades.

CPS estimated the latest budget adjustments would lead to about 300 layoffs, with teachers and support staff among those losing jobs. Budget cuts in some cases would leave schools without enough money to provide basic education. CPS said 55 schools will split $5.7 million if enrollment declines were "significantly deeper than expected" or "would prevent them from offering critical academic programming."

The district said it already has distributed $8 million to schools struggling with enrollment declines.

While schools with enrollment declines will lose money, CPS said 195 schools with higher-than-projected enrollment are in line to split an additional $20 million.
It appears that the urban boosters were wrong about people moving back to the city with their children.

Illegal Alien Shoplifting Ring Busted in Chesterfield, Missouri

The Gateway Pundit

Liberals Demand Trump be Arrested for "Hate Speech" - Petitioning Attorney General for Indictment

Mika Brzezinski frets Trump will do well out of first debate even though Clinton was 'amazing'

Princeton students push back on speech ban


Mystery couple who ‘never seen buses before’ caught taking pictures at NY elementary

Eag News

Michael Moore Says Trump ‘Won’ The Debate

The Daily Caller

House asks feds to stop mailing postcards with Social Security numbers on them

The Washington Examiner

Dresden Blasts: Mosque, Conference Center Attacked in German City

NBC News

PAYBACK: Obama Admin Sues Peter Thiel’s Palantir for Bogus ‘Racial Discrimination’


BURKA BAN Swiss parliament votes to ban Muslim women from wearing the Burka in public

The Sun

Majority of snap polls show Trump won debate by a landslide despite CNN's overwhelming victory for Hillary in biggest official survey

The Daily Mail

Pets Really Do Look Like Their Owners

Lew Rockwell

The Economics of Fractional-Reserve Banking

The Maryland Man From India Orchestrated and Recorded Gang Rape of Teen Gets Three Years in Prison

Howard Dean calls Trump a 'coke user' on Twitter

The Hill

How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats

The New York Post

Big "favor" Team Obama offers blacks is exemption from school behavior rules that led to disproportionate outcomes

Holt Interrupted Trump WAY More Than Clinton In Debate

The Daily Caller reports:
Moderator Lester Holt was much harsher on Republican nominee Donald Trump than he was on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the debate Monday evening.

Holt interrupted Trump a record 41 times, either to “fact-check” the Republican nominee, or to ask a follow-up question. Clinton was only interrupted seven times during the course of the 90-minute debate.

Lester Holt: friend of Hillary.

Popular Radio Host Michael Savage Broadcast Shut Down Nationwide as He Discusses Clinton’s Health…

The Conservative Treehouse

Debate audience defies ban on cheering and whoops as Donald Trump says he will release his tax returns - when Hillary Clinton releases her emails

The Daily Mail reports:
Debate watchers broke the rules on Monday, cheering for Donald Trump - even though they'd been instructed to stay silent - as the Republican brought up Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

Trump said he'd release his tax returns despite an ongoing audit - but only if Clinton produces the emails she deemed personal and had deleted from her server and email account before she turned over her work product to the State Department.

'I will release my tax returns against my lawyers' wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted,' he stated. 'As soon as she releases them I will release my tax returns and that's against my lawyers, they say don't do it.'


Five Times Lester Holt Shilled for Hillary Clinton at First Debate

Big Government

Trump Takes on Holt and Hillary


Cops kill disgruntled lawyer who was dressed in 'NAZI paraphernalia' when he 'shot NINE people with a revolver at a Houston strip mall after filling up his Porsche with weapons'

The Daily Mail

Skills gap? Employers say they have a hard enough time finding professional, punctual and adaptable workers

The Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

Lester Holt: The Third Debater?

Heat Street

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